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Contact Person: Yong Wan
Tel: (871) 6353 2178
Fax: (871) 6353 2676, 6353 9558
Skype: yongwan
E-mail: info@kmgt.sina.net
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      We have been in the business of manufacturing and selling high quality and performance sport optics at affordable costs for customers worldwide since 1992. Our engineering, quality assurance and workmanship team have outstanding experience with production, consistency of quality control and new product development over 25 years. Our professional knowledge, facilities and networks help us to offer OEM and ODM cooperations and help customers of own production without risky investment. We not only manufacture products in accordance with customized specifications, we also design and offer our own specifications to customers for options.
      1992    Binocular business began.
      1995    Telescope and spotting scope business began.
      1998    Hunting scope business began.
      2003    Binocular production facility began.
      2006    Huning scope production facility began.
      2015    Binocular production expanding
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