Kunming Gold Tiger Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd

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Contact Person: Yong Wan
Tel: (871) 6353 2178
Fax: (871) 6353 2676, 6353 9558
Skype: yongwan
E-mail: info@kmgt.sina.net
About us  
       Kunming Gold Tiger Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd is a major manufacturer for
outdoor optical products. We make scienfitic products at affordable   prices to bring the nature world closer to customers. We make, we explore.
       Mr. Qian WAN          Presidend
       Mr. Yong WAN         Vice President
       Ms. Kun Li WAN       Financial Manager
       Ms. Juan DU             Production Manager
       Mr. Yong Qiang LIU  QA Manager
       Mr. Yong ZHANG      Engineering Manager
       Mr. Tian Mo QIAN     Development Manager
       Ms. Yan XIA              President Asistant
       Ms. Guo Ping SUN    Chief Accountant
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